Pepper Learning Solutions specialise in the creation and distribution of E-Learning content and training packages.

E-Learning is an excellent means through which many people can learn and train in a standardised and measurable manner, at a pace and time to suit both their business and themselves.

Here at Pepper we create our own specialised courses and content to address our niche in the market. We also use our skills to help our customers develop their own bespoke E-Learning packages specific to their own businesses and individual requirements.

Specific Techniques

Pepper use specific techniques and style that make learning effortless, we can address any subject matter and any audience. We employ a range of experts to create our courses and we pride ourselves on excellence results every time.


Many clients have in house training for staff and their customers that can be modernised, enhanced and standardised by Pepper. Customers find this great way to save the time and cost of running their own courses whilst having the peace of mind that their staff and clients are getting the best possible experience on every occasion.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management is crucial in today’s business world, correctly managing your companies’ specific skills, experience and intellectual property can make the difference between winning a new client, satisfying existing clients and maximising your potential in the business community today.

Pepper specialise in helping business to understand the gathering and control of company knowledge and intelligence to maximise its’ use for business both now and in the future.  Please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss this further with you.

If you have E-Learning needs whether they be for a Private or Public Sector audience please contact us to discuss one of our E-Learning programmes or to develop a new and bespoke course of your own.

Your Business Intelligence and E-Learning Partner

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